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The CHA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual CHA Club of The Year Homebrew Competition! Formally known as The Southern California Homebrewers Festival (SCHF) Club of the Year, the CHA Club of the Year is determined by points accumulated throughout a season of recognized homebrew competitions. The club that accumulates the most points throughout the season will be the Club of the Year, and will receive a commemorative trophy at the end of the season, during the Southern California Homebrewers Festival.

2022-2023 Competitions

For the 2022-2023 season, all competitions that are valid to enter will be listed on this website. The 2022-2023 season starts no earlier than April 15, 2022, and will go until April 15, 2023.

Competitions Valid for Points: We will link to the individual club entry websites as we assemble them. Watch this space for updates!

A) Recognized Competition List

  1. Mayfaire 2022 (Maltose Falcons)
  2. Red White & Brews Competition 2022 (Long Beach Homebrewers)
  3. LA Fair 2022 (Maltose Falcons)
  4. Pacific Brewer’s Cup 2022 (Varies)
  5. So Cal Regional Competition 2022 (Inland Empire)
  6. Romancing the Beer 2023 (Thousand Oaked)
  7. Belgian Beer Challenge 2023 (Varies)
  8. America’s Finest City 2023 (QUAFF)

B) CHA-Organized Competition List

  1. SCHF 2022 Bragging Rights Only Competition
  2. CHA Fall 2022 Best of Show

The Rules:

  1. CHA Club of the Year is awarded to clubs that earn points throughout a season. A season’s dates will be defined each time, but will generally start with an CHA Bragging Rights (BRO) Competition, and end approximately two weeks before the following SCHF.
  2. Points are awarded to clubs via their members entering specified homebrew competitions. These competitions come in two forms: CHA-Organized Competitions, and CHA-Recognized Competitions.
    1. CHA-Organized Competitions are primarily judged by the CHA Board of Directors. These include the SCHF Bragging Rights Only Competition, and any CHA Best of Show Competition during the applicable season.
    2. CHA-Recognized Competitions are homebrew competitions that meet specific guidelines for the season. In general, CHA-Recognized competitions follow these guidelines:
      1. They are Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)-approved competitions, therefore, they follow the rules and regulations listed on .
      2. Their entry dates, deadlines, and judging guidelines are published in advance.
      3. Entry to the competition is not limited or restricted to specific clubs or groups of people beyond reasonable entry fees.
      4. The results of the competition, specifically Best of Show and Category/Table winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place), are publicly available for competition point verification.
    3. There will be no more than ten (10) CHA-Recognized Competitions in the 2022-2023 Season. The CHA Board of Directors reserves the right to replace competitions if they are canceled or otherwise do not occur in the season. Replacement or additional competitions will be posted on our website. They will follow the guidelines listed above, and publicized no later than 30 days before the last entry date.
    4. Points are awarded for Best of Show and Category/Table places as follows: 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point.
    5. Points are weighted depending on the competition. All CHA-Organized Competitions combined are 50%, and all CHA-Recognized Competitions combined are 50%.
      1. For Example: At the end of the season, assume 100 points are total points claimed for CHA-Recognized Competitions, and 25 points are the total points claimed for CHA-Organized Competitions. Those 25 points need to get scaled up by the weighting factor. For 100 CHA-Recognized Competition points, 100/25 = 4 Recognized Competition Points for each Organized competition point. In other words, 1 point in a CHA-organized competition is now worth 4 points in the weighted grand total.
    6. All point claims must be submitted to the CHA Board of Directors for recognition in the Club of the Year Competition. Points must be claimed within 30 days of publication. The CHA will publicize point deadlines throughout the year. Send all claims to . CHA Board of Directors reserves the right to verify all point claims using publicly available data.
      1. 1) A designated club member may submit points on behalf of any one of their club members.
      2. 2) The publicly available competition data must list *both* 1) the full name of the person placing in the competition; 2) their affiliated club.
  1. The CHA Club of the Year will be announced at the season’s end SCHF.
    1. The Club will be given a trophy to commemorate the event. The trophy must be returned by the following SCHF.
    2. While The Club is highly encouraged to have a booth at SCHF, it is not a requirement to win.