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Alcohol Measurements

Alcohol Measurements Although ABV may be one of the most common measurements for how much alcohol is in a beverage, it might not be the only alcohol measurement that you […]

5 Minute Guide On How To Store Beer

Proper beer storage is the key to a great drinking experience, and the right storage temperature will make any beer taste its best. Here’s what you need to know to […]

What Is a Foeder?

What Is a Foeder? And How to Even Say It Photography courtesy of Foeder Crafters of America A Dutch word, foeder (pronounced food-er) refers to a large vertical or horizontal oak […]

Water and Mash pH

Water chemistry for brewing is a complex topic, which is why entire books have been written about water and brewing. Unfortunately, many of these books assume you have a good […]

Importance of Mash Temperatures

Mashing is a brewing term for the hot water steeping process which hydrates the grains being used, activates the malt enzymes, and converts the grain starches into fermentable sugars. Different temperatures result in different […]

Hit Your Target Gravity

When your neighborhood pub stops serving your favorite English bitter, what can you do? Make your own, of course. Homebrewers thrive on the challenge of recreating the round malts and […]

History of the Citra Hop

  The Citra hop is by far the most popular hop used in IPAs, and is one of the most grown hops in the United States. It is the foundation of new-age beers […]

The Dank Connection Between Weed and Hops

Certain hop varieties are known to exhibit the familiar and similar smell of weed, but does this indicate a relation? We had this question and decided to dig in a […]

Potential Infection Points

The Taste of Infection “What does an infection taste like?” This question is at the crux of why most home brewers automatically throw out the notion that an infection has […]