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Lake Arrowhead Brewfest BrewClub Participants!

Fest is just over a month away. You all should be in deep planning, scheduling, and brewing mode now for what your club is going to contribute to this year’s fest. Here are some action items I need to hear back from ASAP…Much appreciated everyone!

1) Attendees & Kegs: Can you please provide me with the number of kegs you will be supplying and the names of those brewers brewing/bringing those kegs. I need this by the end of this week if possible. If you can’t provide me with it in that timeframe, please get back to me with when you will have the information. Thanks.

2) Storage Prior: As usual, we will have a refrigerator truck for kegs to be dropped off on Friday before the event. The window of time for doing that is from 4-6pm Friday the 9th. If that’s a challenge for some reason, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss.

3) Labels: Attached please find the labels that will need to be printed out, filled out, and attached somehow to each keg per ABC

4) Logistics: The morning of the event, please arrive by 10am to start setting up. We will be able to direct you to your location so you can quickly unload everything and then exit your vehicle from the festival location and park. You can park either on Willow Creek Rd that you used to enter from 173, or in the dirt lot across the bridge on the left (across from the primary parking lot).

5) Art: If you have any new logo artwork that you would like us to use for promotion (posters, banners, T-Shirts, etc…), please provide it to me asap.

6) No Food: Please don’t bring any type of food to serve (pretzels, etc…), as those won’t be allowed per the health dept.

We look forward to everyone’s participation again this year as this will be another epic event for clubs and breweries alike. Please reach out to me either via email or my cell (below) if you have any questions.

Thanks and Cheers!

Jeff Kroeker, Lake Arrowhead Brewfest Brewery and Club Coordinator