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Passion for Homebrewing

AB 2609 (2014)

AB 2609 (2014) was California State Assembly bill to legalize non-for-profit homebrew beer events where the charity exists primarily to support the homebrewing hobby. A previous bill, AB 1425 (2013), legalized the donation of homebrewed beer and other beverage to non-for-profits to help fundraising; a clause was put in AB 1425 that make the Southern California Homebrewers Festival illegal, preventing the Fest from occurring in 2014. The CHA worked with Assemblyman Brian Nestande to enact AB 2609 and fix the law.

California State Legislature: AB 2609 (2014)

AB 2172 (2016)

AB 2172 (2016) was a California State Assembly bill to legalize homebrew beer meetings and competitions at licensed alcohol establishments. This bill allows homebrew clubs in the state of California to meet at many breweries and bars to have their monthly get-togethers and a space to run their competitions. The CHA worked with Assemblyman Brian Jones to enact AB 2172.

California State Legislature: AB 2172 (2016)

Drink Responsibly

To further alcohol responsibility at our event, the CHA board requires that one member from each club attending SCHF be a certified server. It is so important to our event that the board has agreed to reimburse one member of each club for the cost of becoming certified for the safe, on-site serving of alcohol. We will reimburse up to $15 for one club member to get a certification if your club’s certification has expired. Existing online courses that we are aware of are and There are more online and live courses are available from time to time through your local police department or through the state Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Just be sure that the course is tailored for the State of California, and is for the on-site serving of alcohol.