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Beers To Use In Your Chili

There are a lot of weird holidays out there, and some of them are pretty hard to get excited about. After all, who wants to celebrate Clean Your Floors Day […]

Soak Your Whole Body in Brew at a Beer Spa

It’s always a nice little anecdote when people talk about getting in touch with their heritage through food: feeling grandma’s influence in a tamale recipe or having a sourdough starter […]

Why Oxygen is Bad in Beer

Commercial brewers go to extreme lengths to reduce the amount of oxygen in their finished beers, and as a home brewer you should be concerned about oxygen as well. Oxygen […]

Beer Hops May Fend Off Alzheimer’s

Though too much alcohol may damage your short-term memory, new research says the aromatic hops in your favorite beer may stave off some of the negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Ice Cube Hack That Keeps Beer Cold

There really is no shortage of “life hacks” to help you make basic things easier or more fun. You can find tips and advice for cooking, cleaning, hosting, and more. […]