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The Real Reason Beer Comes In Brown Bottles

The World History encyclopedia concludes that people have likely been brewing beer for about 10,000 years. Beer brewing developed in China around 7000 BCE and made its way to Mesopotamia […]

Everything You Need to Know About Session IPAs

Beer comes in every size classification available: Small, medium, large, and Scottish. There are single-strength beers, double and triple, all the way up to quadruple. Each designation intends to outdo the […]

Roach’s Birthday today at PZA’s

Hey guys it’s late notice but if you want to go out and celebrate Roach‘s birthday at 6:30 tonight at PZA in the Canyon Lake Town Center. Cheers! Happy Birthday […]

Lake Arrowhead Brewfest UPDATE

Lake Arrowhead Brewfest BrewClub Participants! Fest is just over a month away. You all should be in deep planning, scheduling, and brewing mode now for what your club is going […]

2022 Pacific Brewers Cup Call for Entries

It is my pleasure to announce this year’s Pacific Brewers Cup Homebrew Competition will be hosted by Strand Brewers Club.  This most prestigious event is hosted on a rotating basis […]