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Mash Hopping 101

Mash Hopping: An Introduction Mash hopping is an old brewing technique that has recently received some renewed attention and study. Historically, mash hopping was used to create subtle and layered […]

A Closer Look at Hops

For those who wish to know a little more in-depth information about one of the core ingredients brewers use on a daily basis, please read on. For those who don’t, […]

Hop Water – The Next Big Thing?

As the weather in some parts of the country is warming up, a bubbly, refreshing NA beverage is riding the shirttails of Dry January. Hop Water is sliding into a go-to […]

Five Hops That Don’t Get Enough Love

Brewers and drinkers alike know all about the most popular hops in use today. These hops are used everywhere and so well known due to a couple primary reasons: All of this […]

So What Are Hops?

The four main ingredients in beer are malt, water, yeast, and hops. And though many people get excited about hoppy beers, many might not understand what exactly a hop is.  […]

Beer Hops May Fend Off Alzheimer’s

Though too much alcohol may damage your short-term memory, new research says the aromatic hops in your favorite beer may stave off some of the negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Session IPAs

Beer comes in every size classification available: Small, medium, large, and Scottish. There are single-strength beers, double and triple, all the way up to quadruple. Each designation intends to outdo the […]

History of the Citra Hop

  The Citra hop is by far the most popular hop used in IPAs, and is one of the most grown hops in the United States. It is the foundation of new-age beers […]